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Absolute Woman Seminars
Absolute Woman - Empowering women through seminars, workshops, courses and unique products

Ageless - the herbal anti-aging site
As a company, we take all aspects of health and aging seriously - and that includes physical well-being, skin care, grooming and mental health - and believe that the magic of herbs and herbal compounds can contribute greatly to the entire spectrum.

Alcomed Medical Supplies
Home health care and Physiotherapy products

Angelic Nails
We strive to give our customers the best products at the best prices, backed with excellent service and support.

Beauty salons, hairdressers and training listings with article sections on beauty, hair, nails, skin, laser hair removal, slimming, makeup and products.

Beat The Bulge Program
The Beat the Bulge Program is a weight loss program which incorporates self hypnosis as a helpful adjunct in managing the problem.

Beauty Cupboard
Dead Sea spa products - specializing in Intensive Spa products, a new, innovative and advanced Dead Sea skin-care range.

Birthing in Awareness
We are motherhood mentors and alternative healers honouring the age-old tradition of women supporting women in various rites of passage through life.

Cape Town SmileStudios
Bridging the gap between modern dental technology and ageless traditions of natural healing , we offer an innovative approach to dental care that tends to the health of the mouth in relation to the whole person

Celestial Gift Experiences
Extraordinary activity gifts for others, or treat yourself. From all out action packed adrenaline to tranquil spa days.

Cerdak - the next dimension in wound care
An innovative product, originating from South Africa, has taken the medical world by storm and has brought relief to numerous patients battling with wounds of all kinds. The South African inventors discovered that the unique properties of a microporous ceramic are ideal for treating a wide range of acute and chronic wounds.

Chelsea Spa
The Combination Of Scientific Research State-Of-The-Art-Technology and Beauty with a Hint Of Artistic Touch

Cinderella Hair Extensions
Cinderella Hair Extensions is a 100% human hair extension system - Distributors of Cinderella Hair Extensions in South Africa - Hair Extension tranning courses also available

Clinical Emergencies - Suppliers of wheelchairs and other mobility products
CE Mobility Products are the pre-eminent supplier of motorised and manual wheelchairs in South Africa.

Dental Care Clinic
Dental clinic focused on patients of Central and Eastern Europe as well as around the world. Offer full range of modern dental procedures like teeth implants, ceramic crowns, dental veneers etc. Staff speak all main languages

Eye Laser Surgeon
Dr Michael Mesham is based in Cape Town and specializes in laser eye surgery.

Gecko Glen Day Spa
Day Spa in Gauteng is a mesmerizing bushveld spa embraced by nature. Offers clients a luxurious yet rustic experience.

Health WakeUp Merger
Promote a healthy life style for all with Complementary & Natural Health Products Detoxification, Nutrition, Tissue Cleansing, Rebuilding the Immune System.

JuShele Wellness Centre
JuShele offers various massage and healing therapies to de-stress, de-tox and heal; facilitating change within you to allow you to feel relaxed and revitalized enabling you to live your best life

Languid Lashes Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent meaning that they can last up to 2 or 3 months (depending on your eyelash growth cycle and how well you look after them.)

Lip Branding
Your name on people's lips! Tailored lipbalms for the perfect human touch

Odyssey Magazine
Sophisticated forum covering a wide range of subjects focused on personal development and self-empowerment while promoting alternative therapies and products, practical spirituality and holistic living.

Propolis People
To promote, manufacture, and market environmentally friendly produced South African propolis and other bee products for their nutritional and medicinal benefits while respecting the honeybees.

The spiritual healer and Egyptian magician who help people and assist them in their own spiritual journey and self- development.

Renaissance Magazines
This site is a home for all who are seeking for information on holistic living. We don’t purport to have all the answers but we do provide support and fellowship on the journey.

SA HealthInfo - health knowledge network
The health knowledge network is a health information resource focusing on chronic disease prevention, HIV AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and other health issues in South Africa

Skin Treatment Guide
Best skin disease treatment guide to know the basics of skin, natural skin care tips, skin treatment and acne prevention. Learn more effective and safer ways to treat skin conditions than medical drugs.

South African Health and Beauty Spa
Health spa and day spa in KwaZulu Natal. Crowhurst spa offers helath and beauty treatments. Visit South African health and beauty spa

South African Spas
The website that presents luxury day and overnight spa packages in South Africa.

Spirit of Africa Cosmetics
Direct Selling Company offering entrepreneurs true empowerment and income opportunities by becoming Distributors for our Skin Care and Fragrance Ranges.

The Fountainhead
The Fountainhead supplies therapies and products that improve the quality and flow of blood, lymph and qi. Such as Healpas Bio Detox Foot Patches, The Jupiter Water Filter/Ionizer, Etherium Gold

The Melrose Aesthetic Centre
At Melrose Arch, aside from the numerous businesses and financial institutions, you will find several excellent restaurants and cafés, the premier Melrose Arch Hotel and the Classic Virgin Active Fitness Centre.

Touch the Treatment Place
Combining body work and mental work Touch the Treatment Place offers a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Vivida-SA Skin Technology
Is committed to anti-ageing health and technology, by developing instruments and techniques which produce the best results in the cosmetic and medical industries.

Vusalela Day Spa
This Spa: a sanctuary for relaxation, personal rejuvenation and serious pampering flows to the sound of the Hennops river, fringed with the beauty of nature.

Yao THAI Spa
Offering a wide variety of beauty and wellness treatments.

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